I have been re-organising my website, and some of the links from search engines have not yet been updated.


Sorry, but the link that you clicked points to a page that has been re-named.  However, the information will still be there on the new website.

Click on the thumbnail image below an you will be taken to the main page of the corresponding site.  From there, you should be able to find what you were looking for quite easily.

Classic UK Minitrix Model Locomotives

A site describing some ways of repairing some of the old Minitrix and Hornby Minitrix N Gauge Locomotives.  Loads of High Quality photos and lots of tips.

The original site at jfheath.co.uk has been relocated to a new server at minitrix.org.uk

New Classic Minitrix Site in Development

A new site using a WordPress theme. The content is the same as the original - more or less, but the pages show large pictures with comments underneath.

Most of the content is there, but some front pages are missing. The individual 462s require some attention but since they are virtually identical, the required info can be found from the main 462 page.  

Honda Pan European Motorcycles

Riding and Maintaining 3 different models the ST1100, ST1100ABS/CBS and the ST1300